The Access Extension Framework


Because of the low cost of the Extension Framework, no official support is offered.
Depending on demand, we may look at paid subscription-based support in the future.

The product is offered 'as-is' and the demo version may be used to evaluate its suitability for purpose before purchase. Because it is open source, problems may be patched by the purchaser.
Check out the manual and the video tutorials for instructions and samples.

We suggest posting questions like 'how do I do X with the framework' on StackOverflow using the tags 'ms-access' and 'Access Extension Framework'.

Bugs and Suggestions

If you have a bug report or any kind of comments or suggestions regarding our products, website, documentation, samples or anything else, we would love to hear from you!
Email us at infspamo@arrospamw-of-tispamme.com, or you can log into your account and open a support request there.

FAQs and Resources

Breaking news and discussions of problems or issues are on the blog. The video tutorials cover a range of usage examples for the framework.

There are no FAQs at present.
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